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IICC - India International Convention & Expo Centre

Dwarka, New Delhi

Located in Dwarka, New Delhi, IICC is India’s largest convention and exhibition centre. IICC offers a mixed purpose tourism experience with the best location, convenient transportation, as well as various commercial facilities. The IICC (India International Convention & Expo Centre) is smart city project being driven by Government of India. With a total indoor area of 300,000m2, IICC will be India’s largest convention and exhibition complex when completed. It is the only complex development facility of its kind in India with a total built-up area of 1 million square meters. Located between the exhibition and convention facilities, the artistic 1km-long foyer will provide a comfortable stay for visitors to various attractions, shopping and entertainment, as well as 3,500 hotel rooms, office space and meeting facilities.

IICC is located 10 km from Delhi International Airport, with the surrounding area home to a sports complex, diplomatic residences, a golf course and the airport city hotel. It is 25 km from the city centre of New Delhi, but is in the best geographical location with no traffic. The Airport Metro Express from the airport offers direct internal access to IICC. In order to create easier access by automobile, IICC will be connected to the UER II(Urban Extension Road II) and Dwarka Expressway, while the Delhi Jaipur Railway Line and the Delhi Blue Line Metro are directly adjacent, thus offering the most convenient transportation infrastructure. With cutting edge parking facilities capable of accommodating 34,808 vehicles.(Indoor 28,608, Outdoor 6,200). IICC, unlike other convention and exhibition facilities, will be able to host events without any traffic congestion.